Tiny RPG

Set out on a Tiny Adventure! A happy couple finds their egg stolen by a T-Ruckus! You play as one of the dino-parents trying to chase the thief through a magical realm.

This might be one of the smallest JRPG games you’ll ever play! After choosing your hero in the tiny character creator you will pick your path through perilous lands. Level up and learn new moves to defeat your foes and gather treasure. Play the prototype or check out more information about the Apple Watch version here.

It will come in handy once you find the tiny evil end-boss T-Ruckus. Development TinyRPG was created in Pico-8, a retro game-engine that uses the LUA coding language. It is Gwen’s second game in Pico-8 after having created Hope Squadron a year earlier. Gwen’s goal with the project was to create a proto-type so she could find out what the appeal (or lack-) of a super small JRPG game is.

The project is currently (re-) created for release on Apple Watch due to the positive response. Let Gwen know what you think of TinyRPG by tweeting @Prrrpl or send a line to gwen [at] prrr [dot] pl