Mr Kubus

Back in 2011, a small indie game emerged called Mr. Kubus. Together with Christiaan Bergen (Programming) Gwen created a small puzzle colourful platform for iOS. It was the first game she designed, developed and released largely by herself. Mr. Kubus was downloaded over 10.000 times. It was even the most-downloaded free title during a special […]


A Simple, yet challanging puzzle game. Jay van Hutten created the wonderful 3DS puzzle game ‘Pazuru’. It also includes thirty challenging levels created by Gwen. Pazuru is an easy to learn, hard to master puzzle game. Twist, bounce, warp and toggle your way through the levels, collecting stars along the way. Take on the challenge […]

Should Shoot

Two players: one screen! Should Shoot is a competitive ‘two-players-on-one-screen’ game for mobile devices. It was released on iOS 29th of januari in the BENELUX internationally on 24th of February 2016 on the iOS AppStore. In Should Shoot: your character IS your finger, where the player taps on the screen is where its character is […]

Still Here

An innocent exploration game Still Here is an innocent exploration game for iOS and Android, released worldwide in March 2018. The game was born from ‘Pipworld‘ an iteration of a worldbuilding project by Gwen’s Utrecht University of Arts (HKU) former classmate David Smit. After creating Should Shoot (2016), Gwen started exploring different monetisation strategies like […]

Mailien: Space delivery girl

This prototype is a love letter to Lunar Lander and include some fancy compute-shader effects, courtesy of Cocuy (for Unity). CONTROLS: Hold left mouse to launch your-self of-planet. While flying, use the left mouse to accelerate and move the mouse-cursor to change direction.  This prototype was made  in 12 hours on a Asus ROG Strix for Dutch […]