Still Here

An innocent exploration game Still Here is an innocent exploration game for iOS and Android, released worldwide in March 2018. The game was born from ‘Pipworld‘ an iteration of a worldbuilding project by Gwen’s Utrecht University of Arts (HKU) former classmate David Smit.

After creating Should Shoot (2016), Gwen started exploring different monetisation strategies like free to play in his new prototypes. When David and Gwen met in Berlin , they decided to have 2-weekly meetings over Skype to share ideas and progress on their projects.

Ready for a new learning experience, Gwen decided to learn how to use Unity and C# to create her next game. During this proces Gwen got more and more involved with Pipworld, which slowly evolved into ‘Still Here’. Gwen was eventually responsible for game,- and level-design, developing an extra competative mode and building tools to create levels. She was also responsible for marketing and promotion of the game outside of the China territories.

Still Here was met with a lot of positive reactions upon it’s release as outlined by a wonderful mention on TouchArcade. It was featured prominently by Google in it’s BETA and after launch.

Check it out on Google PlayStore to learn more about the game. You can also visit the official website.

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