Should Shoot

Two players: one screen! Should Shoot is a competitive ‘two-players-on-one-screen’ game for mobile devices. It was released on iOS 29th of januari in the BENELUX internationally on 24th of February 2016 on the iOS AppStore.

In Should Shoot: your character IS your finger, where the player taps on the screen is where its character is in the game world. There are different game modes. All of them obviously, involve player’s having to shoot something: each other (Vs. Simple Mode), a rocket (Vs. Rocket Mode) or a ball (Vs. Ball). Player’s aim their shot by pulling back their finger, opposite of where they want to shoot.

Releasing your finger from the screen fires a shot. The feeling of control and accuracy allow fierce battles to take place! The single-player modes also have a competitive vibe: it mainly involves shooting either rockets (1P Rocket Mode) or balls (1P Ball Mode).

As a fan of (local) multiplayer games, Gwen often wondered why there is nothing on a mobile phone that fuels the competitive spirit like the games we play on consoles. With Should Shoot, Gwen’s mission was to create a game that allows people to compete, scream, yell, laugh and smirk whenever they feel the impact of winning or losing.

Unfortunatly Should Shoot is no longer available for download due to problems using the Game-Maker engine license and upgrading to 64-bit which was required by Apple to make the game run on all modern platforms.

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