A Simple, yet challanging puzzle game. Jay van Hutten created the wonderful 3DS puzzle game ‘Pazuru’. It also includes thirty challenging levels created by Gwen.

Pazuru is an easy to learn, hard to master puzzle game. Twist, bounce, warp and toggle your way through the levels, collecting stars along the way. Take on the challenge to collect all stars and complete the levels in as few actions as possible for the perfect score.

‘This is clearly a very low budget game (it’s even a 3DS title with no 3D effect – at all!), primarily driven by a single person, but the level design is sheer genius. ‘ –

This brain-twisting action-puzzler comes with over 70 levels and a built-in level editor so you can create your own levels. Share them worldwide, online and offline via QR codes! When creating the levels, Gwen tried to stimulate the player to feel ‘the flow’. Clearing a level usually requires the player to understand the puzzle and influence the level by inputting a pattern of commands. Some levels look like characters or objects. Gwen’s personal favourite is the moustached man.

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