Mr Kubus

Back in 2011, a small indie game emerged called Mr. Kubus. Together with Christiaan Bergen (Programming) Gwen created a small puzzle colourful platform for iOS. It was the first game she designed, developed and released largely by herself.

Mr. Kubus was downloaded over 10.000 times. It was even the most-downloaded free title during a special promotion! The goal of the game is to reach the finish in time while collecting as many hearts as possible. Players control the protagonist: Mr. Kubus by rotating him to one of his coloured sides. Both the length of the jump and the rotation are linked to the side Mr.Kubus is standing on. This makes controlling him a bit of a mind bending.

Nowadays Gwen considers it an intersting idea which could have used a lot more iterations before it deserved an entire game. She’s still proud of the achievement and therefor wants to mention it here.

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