Mailien: Space delivery girl

This prototype is a love letter to Lunar Lander and include some fancy compute-shader effects, courtesy of Cocuy (for Unity).

CONTROLS: Hold left mouse to launch your-self of-planet. While flying, use the left mouse to accelerate and move the mouse-cursor to change direction. 

This prototype was made  in 12 hours on a Asus ROG Strix for Dutch game-site 

 Download the .exe (or .App) to check those fancy effects. You can play in your browser (also on Mobile) but if you can we recommend downloading it. Any donations on ( will allow Gwen to spend time on improving the game in future updates.

Update (V.02): Added music, exhaust, intro-logo. Added Mac version (also includes fancy compute shader).

Music by: Julius Henri

Twitter:  @Julius_Henri

Instagram: JuliusHenriMusic

As it’s a prototype, expect bugs 🙂

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