Arty game: Meditation

This game was made as an artistic expression to be played on februari 22nd for What if you could play a new very small, unique game every day? That’s what Rami Ismail of Vlambeer fame thought when he was enchanted by a small game. As a result he set up ‘Meditation Games’ for which he invited 365 game-designers to create a small game in 6 hours. Gwen was honored and delighted to join the project. Each developer could choose a day upon which they wanted their game to be released.

In this abstract game you play as a falling star.

February 22nd, is the day after Gwen’s birthday. Each game comes with a small note from the developer, sharing more information about the game and it’s relation to the day of its release. It was the first time she made a game as a personal artistic expression.

I loved focussing on the player-experience and the impression I wanted to have with my meditation game. And like everything one does for the first time, this felt a bit scary and challenging. I was really happy when players, friends and other people from the industry let me know it really hit home for them.

Development of this meditation was done using Unity 2019 and C# in approximately 8 hours. Gwen’s goal with the project was to convey her own existential thoughts as an experience for others. You can download and play the game through this link:

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