About Gwen and Prrrpl

You’ve reached the main hub with links and references to the work of game-designer and developer Gwendolyn Kampen. The pronounciation of the company and this page is ‘Purple’: Gwen’s favourite color and a reference to the purring sound cats make.


Gwen is currently working on Tiny RPG and as a senior game-developer for joinhackshield.com. She is also a teacher and coach at the Utrecht University of Arts at the Games & Interaction programs.

Since her graduation in 2008 at the Utrecht University of Arts as an interaction designer she earned the title of Master of Art and Technology. She since worked in various roles for big names such as Guerrilla games, SPIL games, Little Chicken and IJsfontein.

Gwen has experience as a media personality with experience presenting TV show episodes, web contentm podcasts and interviews.

If you want to learn more about her work and experience, please contact her trough Gwen [at] prrr.pl.